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Member Assistance Program

Aan AmeriCorps member in our program, you and members of your household have access to the Member Assistance Program (MAP). You can access free and confidential counseling services, legal and financial consultations, and many other resources. Phone consultations and immediate referral assistance are free and unlimited through the program; if you choose to receive additional direct services through the provider you are eligible for a discount. The MAP also provides members access to up to (3) in-person or 'face-to'face' counseling sessions at no-cost to them. 


You can access MAP services, by calling their 24-hour counseling and support line at 1-800-451-1834 or through their web portal. Please make sure to provide the corresponding company code below.

*Members also have the option to seek campus-based counseling and psychological services (CAPS) available through their university.


Phone: 1-800-451-1834

Company Code: California JusticeCorps

  • 24/7 Telephonic Counseling

  • (3) Free In-Person Counseling Sessions

  • 30 Min. Legal Consultations

  • 30 Min. Financial Consultations

  • Local Referrals


Create Account:

Company Code: americorps

  • Live Chat and Video Support

  • Sample Legal Forms and Articles

  • Financial Calculators

  • Professional Development Courses

  • Medical Advocacy Checklists and Articles

  • Wellness Webinars

  • Discount Marketplace (Local Deals, Cashback, etc.)

Common Topics

Mental Health Counseling


MAP services provide 24/7 telephonic access to master's level counselors. Once an individual is connected with the EAP line, they can choose to speak with a counselor, schedule in person counseling or guided towards additional resources. Free short-term counseling and long-term referrals are available to help with a variety of issues. This can include, but not limited to discussing: Family Conflict, Couples/Relationships Conflict, Substance Use, Work/Life Balance, Stress, Depression, Grief, Anxiety, Parenting.

Legal and Financial Advice


This resource is also available to connect individuals with experienced professionals in the legal and financial fields. Member Assistance Program can connect individuals with a qualified attorney for a FREE 30-minute consultation. Areas of law can include, but not limited to: Bankruptcy, Divorce, Custody, Estate Planning, Wills, Real Estate, Adoption, Elder Care. Similarly, individuals can be connected with certified financial planners, certified public accountants, credit counselors depending on their needs for FREE 30-minute consultations. The financial topics can include, but not limited to: Bankruptcy, Home Buying, Debt, Identity Theft, Retirement Planning, College Planning/Funding.There is no limit to the number of consultations an individual may request through the MAP; however, if an individual requests to continue working with the same legal or financial adviser, that provider may charge for any services scheduled outside of the initial consultation. 

Medical Advocacy 


Medical Advocacy is a relatively new approach to maneuvering through the healthcare system, and offers strategies to promote an individual's health, productivity, and well-being. Medical Advocacy provides guidance for individuals when dealing with often times confusing medical related items. It can be difficult to understand or navigate the systems and choices when dealing with our health and the health care industry. These advocates can help you interpret medical information related to claims, coverage, and medical diagnosis. Medical advocates work to provide the support you need to make important decisions about taking care of yourself and your loved ones. Topics can include, but not limited to the following: Insurance Navigation, Doctor Referrals, Health Care Transportation, Durable Medical Equipment, Discharge Planning, Care Transition, Geriatric Care, Advocacy, Research, and Medical Appointment Preparation.

Campus-Based Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)

Students should also have access to counseling and mental health services directly through their university. Please locate your university below to find more information about their CAPS program and how to access their services. CAPS is not associated with the MAP.

CSU East Bay,

San Francisco State University,

Santa Clara University,

San Jose State University,

Stanford University,

UC Berkeley,

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