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JusticeCorps Alumni

  • Member Resources
    JusticeCorps Contract and Manual While you're serving: OnCorps Member Assistance ProgramPortal | Info Sheet Forms Database - Alameda | Contra Costa (BALA) | San Francisco | San Mateo After your service: MyAmericorps Career Resource Guide Using Your Education Award
  • Fellows
    JusticeCorps Contract and Manual Project/Grant Timesheet OnCorps Loan Forebearance and Interest Repayment Service Year Resources
  • Campus Representatives
    Project/Grant Timesheet Workday OnCorps JusticeCorps Presentation Video
  • Travel Reimbursement
    For Driving For Public Transportation Travel Reimbursement Procedure and Eligibility
  • Performance Measurement
    20-21 Daily Instance of Assistance Form
  • Supplemental Training Material
    Judicial Council Videos Resolving Your Civil Harassment Case (Eng, Span, Viet, Chi) Resolving Your Small Claims Case (Eng, Span, Viet, Chi) Resolving Your Unlawful Detainer Case (Eng, Span, Viet, Chi) Recognizing and Protecting Yourself from Secondhand Trauma Gender Identity Other Resources Guidelines for Creating Effective Self-Help Information
  • Online Glossaries, Dictionaries, Translators"
    Language Access Information Assisting LEP Litigants Handbook Dictionaries Nolo Law(Plain English) California Courts Self-Help Glossary (English/Spanish) Legal Glossary 1, 2, 3 (English/Spanish) Sacramento Self-Help Legal Glossaries (11 Languages) Translation Tools/Multilingual Dictionaries Google Translate (85 Languages) WordReference (18 Languages) Glossary Indexes OneLook (Comprehensive) CUNY (English/Spanish)
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