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UC Berkeley Ethnic Studies 197: Students can take the course for 1-3 units, with each unit representing 45 hours of service. Students enrolled in ES 197 must fulfill their hours requirements, write a final 5-7 page paper at the end of the semester that answers the following prompt: “The paper should be an honest, well-thought-out reflection of your volunteer/internship experience this semester. Please provide a brief description of JusticeCorps and the work you performed but more importantly write about what you learned from this experience, how it related to your field of study, contributed to personal growth, and related to future career goals.” Students also consent to having their midterm and/or final evaluations sent to the course coordinator. There are no formal meeting times for ES 197 and the class is pass/no pass. Typically we have 13-17 Berkeley students who get course credit for their service per semester.

SJSU Justice Studies 181: Students take the course for 4 units. Students commit to complete 120 hours per semester and have 3 in-person meetings with their faculty advisor. Students must keep “field notes” and write a final paper. I’ve attached SJSU’s registration form and agency-student agreement to this email for your review. Students are graded on a A-F scale.

SFSU Criminal Justice 680: Students take the course for 4 units and are required to serve eight hours a week for the duration of the semester. Students must have upper-division standing (junior or senior) to enroll in the course. Students write a 15-20 page paper at the end of the semester and have several class meetings throughout the year. Students are graded on an A-F scale.

CSU East Bay Criminal Justice 415 “Internship in Criminal Justice”: Students take the course for 3 units and are graded on an A-F scale.

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