Frequently Asked Questions

1.) What will I be doing?

As a member- a full time student who serves 8 hours a week- you will be helping litigants to navegate the justice system. You may be helping them file for a restraining order or help them understand the process of a divorce. Maybe helping them with a name change or helping them file for child support. There are many different legal issues you may be assisting a litigant with in family or civil law. As a fellow- a full time team leader who works 40 hours a week- you will be acting a a leader for part time members while also serving litiagants.

2.) Is this internship paid?

The part time membership position is not paid. There is, however, an education award presented to you at the completion of your term of service. Full time fellows recieve a larger educational award as well as a living stiepend of about $20,000 for the year.

3.) Do I need to have legal experience?

You don't need to have any legal experience! While it is appreciated, you do not need to have prior law experience for a JusticeCorps position. We provide over fourty hours of training to get you ready to work in the self-help centers.

4.) What is the educational award?

​The educational award is a post-service benefit given to members after completing their required hours. Part time members who complete 300 hours receive roughly $1300. And full time members who complete 1700 hours receive roughly $5700. This money can be applied to existing student loans, paid directly to your university, or used for future student debt.

5.) Can I earn class credits for participation in JusticeCorps?

​Some of our partnering universities allow students to receive credits toward graduation for their participation in JusticeCorps. We are happy to sign any documents you may need to insure that you receive credit.

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